Brand Güell Classes J. B. Fernández Güell, A. Grasso & E. Mirabet.

Class 3 - Perfumery & cosmetics

This class includes: Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; soaps; perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions; dentifrices.

Cosmetica Güell

N° de orden Product or service
A0006 Abrasive cloth
A0008 Abrasive paper
A0010 Abrasives *
A0086 Adhesives for affixing false hair
A0088 Adhesives for cosmetic purposes
A0117 After-shave lotions
A0134 Air (Canned pressurized —) for cleaning and dusting purposes
A0205 Alkali (Volatile —) [ammonia] [detergent]
A0222 Almond milk for cosmetic purposes
A0223 Almond oil
A0225 Almond soap
A0234 Alum stones [antiseptic]
A0249 Amber [perfume]
A0261 Ammonia [volatile alkali] [detergent]
A0358 Antiperspirant soap
A0359 Antiperspirants [toiletries]
A0372 Antistatic preparations for household purposes
A0418 Aromatics [essential oils]
A0470 Ash (Volcanic —) for cleaning
A0476 Astringents for cosmetic purposes
B0029 Badian essence
B0124 Bark (Quillaia —) for washing
B0177 Bath salts, not for medical purposes
B0189 Baths (Cosmetic preparations for —)
B0227 Beard dyes
B0237 Beauty masks
B0323 Bergamot oil
B0337 Beverages (Flavorings [flavourings] for —) [essential oils]
B0457 Bleaching (Leather —) preparations
B0458 Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes
B0460 Bleaching preparations [laundry]
B0461 Bleaching salts
B0462 Bleaching soda
B0485 Blueing for laundry
B0486 Blueing (Laundry —)
B0492 Bluing for laundry
B0547 Boot cream
B0549 Boot polish
B0682 Breath freshening sprays
B0700 Brightening chemicals (Color- [colour-] -) for household purposes [laundry]
C0030 Cake flavourings [essential oils]
C0040 Cakes of toilet soap
C0088 Canned pressurized air for cleaning and dusting purposes
C0118 Carbides of metal [abrasives]
C0267 Cedarwood (Essential oils of —)
C0335 Chalk (Cleaning —)
C0516 Citron (Essential oils of —)
C0542 Cleaning chalk
C0543 Cleaning dentures (Preparations for —)
C0546 Cleaning preparations
C0551 Cleaning waste pipes (Preparations for —)
C0552 Cleansing milk for toilet purposes
C0608 Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning
C0639 Cobblers' wax
C0713 Colorants for toilet purposes
C0715 Color-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry]
C0718 Color-removing preparations
C0720 Colour-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry]
C0723 Colour-removing preparations
C0928 Corundum [abrasive]
C0931 Cosmetic kits
C0932 Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes
C0934 Cosmetics
C0935 Cosmetics for animals
C0945 Cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes
C0950 Cotton wool for cosmetic purposes
C1015 Creams (Cosmetic —)
C1016 Creams for leather
C1017 Creams (Skin whitening —)
D0042 Degreasers other than for use in manufacturing processes
D0056 Dental bleaching gels
D0062 Dentifrices
D0064 Denture polishes
D0067 Dentures (Preparations for cleaning —)
D0068 Deodorant soap
D0070 Deodorants for personal use
D0075 Depilatories
D0076 Depilatory preparations
D0091 Detergents other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes
D0109 Diamantine [abrasive]
D0173 Disinfectant soap
D0281 Drains preparations (Clearing blocked —)
D0351 Dry-cleaning preparations
D0383 Dyes (Cosmetic —)
E0020 Eau de Cologne
E0115 Emery
E0116 Emery cloth
E0118 Emery paper
E0172 Essences (Ethereal —)
E0175 Essential oils
E0183 Ethereal essences
E0184 Ethereal oils
E0217 Extracts of flowers [perfumes]
E0220 Eyebrow cosmetics
E0221 Eyebrow pencils
E0228 Eyelashes (Adhesives for affixing false —)
E0229 Eyelashes (Cosmetic preparations for —)
E0230 Eyelashes (False —)
F0005 Fabric softeners for laundry use
F0023 False eyelashes
F0025 False hair (Adhesives for affixing —)
F0028 False nails
F0294 Flavorings for beverages [essential oils]
F0298 Flavourings for beverages [essential oils]
F0299 Flavourings for cakes [essential oils]
F0324 Floor wax
F0325 Floor wax removers [scouring preparations]
F0327 Floors (Non-slipping liquids for —)
F0328 Floors (Non-slipping wax for —)
F0342 Flower perfumes (Bases for —)
F0350 Flowers (Extracts of —) [perfumes]
F0418 Foot perspiration (Soap for —)
F0539 Fumigation preparations [perfumes]
F0549 Furbishing preparations
G0088 Gaultheria oil
G0102 Gels (Dental bleaching —)
G0111 Geraniol
G0136 Glass cloth
G0147 Glass paper
G0162 Glaze (Laundry —)
G0278 Greases for cosmetic purposes
G0297 Grinding preparations
H0015 Hair colorants
H0024 Hair dyes
H0029 Hair lotions
H0035 Hair spray
H0037 Hair waving preparations
H0175 Heliotropine
H0339 Hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes
H0350 Hypochloride (Potassium —)
I0043 Incense
I0161 Ionone [perfumery]
J0017 Jasmine oil
J0018 Javelle water
J0022 Jelly (Petroleum —) for cosmetic purposes
J0032 Jewellers' rouge
J0052 Joss sticks
K0038 Kits (Cosmetic —)
L0016 Lacquer-removing preparations
L0077 Laundry bleach
L0078 Laundry blueing
L0080 Laundry glaze
L0081 Laundry preparations
L0083 Laundry soaking preparations
L0084 Laundry starch
L0085 Laundry wax
L0087 Lavender oil
L0088 Lavender water
L0109 Leather bleaching preparations
L0112 Leather (Creams for —)
L0125 Leather preservatives [polishes]
L0142 Leaves of plants (Preparations to make shiny the —)
L0150 Lemon (Essential oils of —)
L0241 Linen (Sachets for perfuming —)
L0264 Lipsticks
L0271 Liquids for floors (Non-slipping —)
L0329 Lotions for cosmetic purposes
L0332 Lotions (Tissues impregnated with cosmetic —)
M0044 Make-up
M0047 Make-up powder
M0048 Make-up preparations
M0050 Make-up removing preparations
M0110 Mascara
M0112 Masks (Beauty —)
M0196 Medicated soap
M0282 Milk (Cleansing —) for toilet purposes
M0318 Mint essence [essential oil]
M0320 Mint for perfumery
M0459 Moustache wax
M0461 Mouth washes, not for medical purposes
M0493 Musk [perfumery]
M0497 Mustache wax
N0003 Nail care preparations
N0010 Nail polish
N0012 Nail varnish
N0014 Nails (False —)
N0068 Neutralizers for permanent waving
N0103 Non-slipping liquids for floors
N0105 Non-slipping wax for floors
O0029 Oil of turpentine for degreasing
O0040 Oils for cleaning purposes
O0041 Oils for cosmetic purposes
O0044 Oils for perfumes and scents
O0050 Oils for toilet purposes
P0039 Paint stripping preparations
P0140 Parquet floor wax
P0156 Pastes for razor strops
P0225 Pencils (Cosmetic —)
P0226 Pencils (Eyebrow —)
P0260 Perfumery
P0261 Perfumes
P0265 Permanent waving (Neutralizers for —)
P0283 Petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes
P0292 Pets (Shampoos for —)
P0452 Plants (Preparations to make shiny the leaves of —)
P0541 Polish for furniture and flooring
P0543 Polishes (Denture —)
P0545 Polishing creams
P0551 Polishing paper
P0552 Polishing preparations
P0553 Polishing rouge
P0554 Polishing stones
P0555 Polishing wax
P0560 Pomades for cosmetic purposes
P0597 Potpourris [fragrances]
P0622 Powder (Make-up —)
P0651 Preservatives for leather [polishes]
P0765 Pumice stone
Q0008 Quillaia bark for washing
R0091 Razor strops (Pastes for —)
R0187 Removers (Floor wax —) [scouring preparations]
R0343 Rose oil
R0350 Rouge (Jewellers' —)
R0384 Rust removing preparations
S0004 Sachets for perfuming linen
S0028 Safrol
S0075 Sandcloth
S0077 Sandpaper
S0129 Scale removing preparations for household purposes
S0142 Scented water
S0143 Scented wood
S0157 Scouring solutions
S0274 Shampoos
S0275 Shampoos for pets
S0280 Sharpening preparations
S0288 Shaving preparations
S0289 Shaving soap
S0290 Shaving stones, antiseptic
S0329 Shining preparations [polish]
S0330 Shiny (Preparations to make the leaves of plants —)
S0346 Shoe cream
S0356 Shoe polish
S0359 Shoe wax
S0361 Shoemakers' wax
S0444 Silicon carbide [abrasive]
S0503 Skin care (Cosmetic preparations for —)
S0506 Skin whitening creams
S0567 Slimming purposes (Cosmetic preparations for —)
S0587 Smoothing preparations [starching]
S0589 Smoothing stones
S0603 Soaking laundry (Preparations for —)
S0604 Soap
S0605 Soap (Antiperspirant —)
S0608 Soap (Cakes of —)
S0609 Soap (Deodorant —)
S0610 Soap (Disinfectant —)
S0612 Soap for brightening textile
S0613 Soap for foot perspiration
S0623 Soda (Bleaching —)
S0625 Soda lye
S0631 Softeners (Fabric —) for laundry use
S0771 Sprays (Breath freshening —)
S0802 Stain removers
S0845 Starch for laundry purposes
S0846 Starch glaze for laundry purposes
S1060 Sunscreen preparations
S1061 Sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]
S1096 Swabs [toiletries]
T0041 Tailors' wax
T0043 Talcum powder, for toilet use
T0162 Terpenes [essential oils]
T0283 Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions
T0316 Toilet water
T0317 Toiletries
T0411 Transfers (Decorative —) for cosmetic purposes
T0476 Tripoli stone for polishing
T0546 Turpentine, for degreasing
V0038 Varnish (Nail —)
V0041 Varnish-removing preparations
V0160 Volatile alkali [ammonia] [detergent]
V0162 Volcanic ash for cleaning
W0040 Wallpaper cleaning preparations
W0061 Washing preparations
W0062 Washing soda, for cleaning
W0073 Waste pipes (Preparations for cleaning —)
W0145 Waving preparations for the hair
W0146 Wax (Cobblers' —)
W0147 Wax (Depilatory —)
W0150 Wax for floors (Non-slipping —)
W0153 Wax (Laundry —)
W0154 Wax (Moustache —)
W0155 Wax (Parquet floor —)
W0156 Wax (Polishing —)
W0159 Wax (Tailors' —)
W0163 Waxes for leather
W0236 Whitening the skin (Cream for —)
W0240 Whiting
W0271 Windscreen cleaning liquids
W0274 Windshield cleaning liquids



Cosmetica Güell

Today's consumer does not hesitate to mix with white premium brand. Purchase essential products of necessity and whim sophisticated. There is room for everyone. The point, again, is to add value, have brand personality, created to meet customer expectations. And know why we do things, why and for whom.

This class includes, in particular:
• chemicals for cleaning chimneys (Cl. 1);
• degreasing agents used in manufacturing processes (Cl. 1);
• deodorants other than for personal use (Cl. 5);
• sharpening stones and grindstones or manuals (Cl. 8).

Title SPTO nr 2469713 (Spain). Registered to Güell.
Registered on 03.01.06, Title 004 060 067 OHIM (European C.)